Atlas Redesign Program

The Atlas Redesign Program is a 90-day application and integration program designed to help you integrate everything you’ve learned into your life. In Redesign, you are paired with a personal coach to help you achieve your goals and develop your unique talents. You also work with a team to create a group support system that pushes everyone to excel.

Redesign is the final portion of the three-part Atlas journey and it is designed to develop leadership. In addition to the personal coaching you receive, Redesign provides success tools with direct life application through three training weekends and multiple video calls during the 90-day process.

We offer Redesign at no additional cost. Those who have completed Breakthrough apply to join a Redesign program and, if accepted, it is a powerful, life-changing experience.


Redesign participants learn to:

  • Effectively generate desired results

  • Maintain resilience & effort over time

  • Take bigger risks without hesitation

  • Build a strong support network

  • Express themselves authentically

  • Communicate effectively with others

  • Embrace difficult conversations

  • Respond instead of react

  • Focus on the present moment

  • Set stretch goals & milestones

Of those that begin the Redesign Program, 55% graduate. Redesign is where the rubber meets the road. You’ll either hit your goals, or you’ll quit. If that sounds exciting to you, you’re in the right place.
— Brian Martinez, Redesign SF2

how redesign works

You have to apply to attend Redesign and people are selected based on how committed they are to reaching their goals. Redesign isn’t for everyone; for those who are accepted, we support them to achieve their goals and step into leadership with a proven structure.


The Redesign Structure:

  • 3 three-day training weekends facilitated by world-class trainers and coaches.

  • A 90-day set of goals that include what you want to achieve personally and your vision for your personal relationships.

  • Personal & group coaching calls on a consistent weekly basis.

  • 1 team project designed to put everything you’ve learned to the test.