Brian Martinez

Director of Growth

I’m passionate about making a big impact. I spent the last eight years of my career working in the technology world, working on some of the largest brands in Silicon Valley. I considered my work there impactful because of the global scale of my work. What I’ve found is that impact does not compare to the impact I’ve made as a member of the Atlas team. In my role as a coach, trainer, and Director of Growth, I spend my days unlocking the potential in countless others so that their goals become a reality while introducing this technology to corporations and universities around the U.S.

What excites me the most is the opportunity to work with fellow entrepreneurs. Launching and scaling a business is one of the hardest endeavors we can embark on in life and with all the hustle of running a company, it’s easy to leave “leadership development” as a “handle it later” type of problem. I truly believe that this training produces better leadership, happier teams, and greatly increases the chances of success.

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